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Naturist B&B Penarth Cardiff

St Davids Day, 1st March 2015, see’s the official start of our Naturist/clothing optional B&B.

As long as your not the Swingers or the crazies then we hope you will search us out.

We decided that a good starting point to advertise was, which is the easiest route to contact us and find out more:

Thank you Richard for your help and support. This attracted a heap of guests but the concern here is that we are preaching to the converted, as you need to be searching for Naturist B&B’s.

The next step was to post wider and we are trialing Airbnb this has widened the audience world wide and were booking up fast. We hope to hear from you all soon so we can report back in due course.

A special thanks to Tim from Clover Spa for all the help and advice (great place check it out too).


Naturist B&B now open

In a very discrete and way, we have opened for business.

The first of March, saint Davids day is the official start date. Inspired by Clover Spa in Birmingham we have decided that more naturist friendly B&B’s are essential in the UK.

I trust you will all search us out, we welcome current naturists and newcomers who feel that it might be something they enjoy and want a safe environment to get started.